How To Gain Meters In A House Of Less Than 70 Square Meters

21% of the total homes in the small towns have less than 75m², which corresponds to 95,400 homes. Although at first the majority of residents in the small cities bet on looking for large houses, with a bedroom for each inhabitant, a large dining room or a large garden that children can enjoy, at the time of purchase the reality is different. 51% of residents of the small area reside in apartments under 90m². One of the leading causes of this is the cost per square meter of housing built, which is currently at its highest levels reaching 2,667 $/ m².

But living in a house of small dimensions do not have to be linked to discomfort or lack of space. Our platform affirms that by carrying out a series of modest reforms, it will be possible to take advantage of all the square meters of the house and a sense of spaciousness will be obtained.

Keep in mind that the old floors have to have a distribution where the hall and corridors eat most of the space of the house. For this reason, a resource that works perfectly to take advantage of the unhelpful meters of housing is the unification of areas, especially linking the kitchen with the living room. Removing the walls will make the kitchen more functional and spacious.

The hall is another space that has lost its value:  “Now there is not so much space left from the rest of the house. On the contrary, “they say from Habitissimo. The trend now is the open receivers that allow light to pass through and give a feeling of spaciousness. The average price of throwing a partition is 894 euros, according to the budgets registered by the professionals in our platform. Another possible option is to join the gallery to the kitchen, gaining more meters and feeling of amplitude will be much higher. These outdoor spaces can be handy if you want to increase meters inside.

Close balconies or galleries is also a way to add meters to the house. Some structures are easily installed, although depending on the enclosure and the extension that you want to do, you must have a technical project. This added surface will not only improve your quality of life, but it will also revalue the property.

If you wish to take benefits of even the smallest corner of the house, custom furniture can be an excellent option. “They are naturally integrated into the walls and offer a lot of extra space to store everything you can imagine, from books to decorative elements,” say our professionals. The best thing of all is that these custom furniture can be included in any part of the house, from a shelf in the living room to custom furniture for the bathroom or a custom cabinet for the hallway of your home or to place it. From the same platform, it is affirmed that for less than 2,000 euros you can have a piece of custom furniture.